pinup portrait nearly completed….

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 13th, 2011

I’ve continued with this oil painting of retro pinup model Sabina Kelley and am happy to say that it’s nearly completed. I’ve been learning a lot of new techniques throughout the process and can’t wait to get started on my next pinup in oils. Here’s the progress so far:

Portrait of a Pinup, Sabina Kelley

great news! Sabina Kelley has a beautiful new baby girl

Posted by Susan Heidi - November 8th, 2008

The subject of several of my paintings, Sabina Kelley is one of today’s hottest retro pinup models. Sabina is not only a beautiful model, but a total sweetheart of a friend, loving wife and mother. I was so happy to hear that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on October 28, 2008. Fittingly, Sabina named her precious little princess Grace Lynn Kelley. I hope you’ll stop on over to Sabina’s myspace page and congratulate her on the new addition!

pinup models international

Posted by Susan Heidi - September 8th, 2008

Switzerland’s pinup model Zoe Scarlett (subject forĀ  my painting titled “Christmas Morn”, below) and Retro Pinup Sari, from Germany, have teamed up to do a photo shoot for Zoe’s 2009 Animal Rescue calendar. I can’t wait to see the calendar, but in the meantime, it’s great fun to watch the ladies as they document their time together as seen on Sari’s blog, The Pin up Diaries.

model Zoe Scarlett in

retro pinup gals are way ahead of the style curve!

Posted by Susan Heidi - September 7th, 2008

Cutting their hair into bangs may have seemed like a bold move by the retro pinups I love to work with, but they were just a little ahead of the curve. According to Instyle magazine, bangs are in with celebs, and the bolder the better. Kudos to my trendsetting lovelies!

dating advice from pinup Heidi Van Horne

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 22nd, 2008

Need some pointers on how to approach one of today’s stylish retro gals at a local watering hole or car show? Pinup model Heidi Van Horne gives some sage advice in an article written for Primer men’s online magazine. Hope it helps!

pin-ups making a big splash this summer!

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 9th, 2008

Every once in a while (and even more often lately) I get reaffirmation that pin-ups are in from the big names in fashion and beauty. Such is definitely the case with OPI’s Retro Summer collection of “pin-up perfect shades for summer”. I LOVE the cute red polka dot swimsuit that the model is wearing in the ad, and the cute bi-plane’s banner calling out to “retro-girls” fits the bill to the “T”. I’m not sure about all the different nail colors, but the coral and red shades seem right on target for super pin-up style, and the retro ponytail holder brings me back to when I was five years old!

Sweater Girl Detail

Pinups and neo-Burlesque stars giving back

Posted by Susan Heidi - June 2nd, 2008

Jo Weldon of the New York School of Burlesque reports in her burlesque daily blog on retro pinup models (Sabina Kelley, Heidi Van Horne, and Jami Deadly) and neo-burlesque dancers giving back through artwork based on their famous figures. The ladies are featured in a BUST magazine article about their help in creating castings of their busts which have been decorated and will be on display in an exhibition titled “Breast Defense: Glamour Girls For Early Detection”. The Keep a Breast Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. True to character, these retro gals are doing all they can to make the world a better place.

top 10 retro pinup models ranked by

Posted by Susan Heidi - May 20th, 2008

I’m ecstatic that decided to do a feature on modern retro pinup models. They even took on what I think is an impossible task of ranking the top 10 retro pinups. I’m ecstatic for all the gals that made the list - big congrats! - but feel especially proud of the five models on the list that I’ve had the pleasure of painting: Sabina Kelley (2), Heidi Van Horne (5), Kim Falcon (6), Kay O’Hara (7), and Zoe Scarlett (8). I’m not going to comment of the rankings, because of course I think there are so many modern pinups deserving of recognition. The best thing about this article is that it brings the work they do to a much larger audience.

latest pinup painting titled “Tattoo You” premiered at NY Comic Con

Posted by Susan Heidi - April 25th, 2008

My latest painting, titled “Tattoo You” was premiered at the NY Comic Con this past weekend. There was a tremendous amount of interest in buying prints, which are now only available for pre-order as I await the scanning/proofing process (which is necessary to produce the best quality prints with pure white background that I can’t achieve with my poor photo taking skills). Prints are expected to begin shipping the week of May 12th. If interested in reserving a print now, please e-mail me ( - online ordering will be available soon.

Tattoo You pinup by artist Susan Heidi
“Tattoo You” by artist Susan Heidi
model is Sabina Kelley (photo reference by MichelleXStar, muah Chris Montoya)

time to get your Rockabilly on this weekend at VLV 11!

Posted by Susan Heidi - April 9th, 2008

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be attending this year, but many of the models I’ve worked with will be in attendance during this weekend’s Viva Las Vegas 11 held at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas (April 10-13, 2008). VLV (as it’s known to insiders) is THE place to be for rockabilly, hot rod, and pinup girl enthusiasts. In addition to the festivities scheduled at the Gold Coast (including Saturday’s Car Show which is free to the public and the place to see and be seen), there are many parties being held around town. Pinup celebrities, Sabina Kelley and Kay O’Hara will each be hosting events Thurs. and Friday nights. If you stop by and see them let them know I sent you!

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