NEW! Pin-up merchandise available

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 24th, 2006

Susan Heidi Pin-Up Art merchandise is now available on the web! T-shirts, buttons, totes, magnets, and many more printed items featuring Susan Heidi’s pin-ups are now available on-line at

Pin-Ups in the News

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 24th, 2006

Gaining in popularity, retro-revival glamour girls are in the news today. Check out The Boston Herald’s cover story: Pinup Revival ( to read about pinup model�Dee Dee Desire and lead singer Black Betty of the band Black Betty and the Bad Habits.Pinups going mainstream? Well, at least they are getting noticed and may gain in popularity due to the press and Hollywood attention. To me, there’s a feeling of nostalia associated with pinups. It’s this�desire to connect with what�are perceived to be simpler times that interests people in the classic pinup. It’s the perfect venue for women who want to be sexy but not feel exploited, men who want to admire women for the way they look and feel ok about it, and photographers and artists to capture a moment in time through the eyes of a new generation. I’m a romantic at heart, and that’s why I love painting classic pinups.

New Painting on Heidi Van Horne’s Website

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 13th, 2006

My newest painting, “Salute the Troops” based on an image by Shannon Brooke of the pin-up model Heidi Van Horne can now be viewed on Heidi’s website in her Gallery under the “Artwork” section. This painting is based on one of the Air Betty photos done by Shannon and Heidi - it has a very nostalgic, patriotic feel. These gals were both very helpful and generous in allowing me to use the image to base my painting on. Heidi is such a perfect model that no real changes needed to be made - just an attempt to capture her luminous skin and sparkling blue eyes. It was a real pleasure to work from such an amazing image. It is also an honor to have my work shown on Heidi’s website.

I have to say, that retro pin-up models and photographers are supplying today’s pin-up artists with a bounty of beautiful images to inspire them. It’s almost like living back in the 40’s and 50’s when everyday women would dress up in stockings and high heels, don their red lipstick, and hit the town (even if it was just a trip to the store). I am happy to have made the acquaintance of Heidi and Shannon and others like them who are keeping the tradition of the pin-up alive and well for a new generation to enjoy.

click on the link below to see my painting and those by other artists inspired by Heidi’s loveliness (you can also check out pictures of Heidi while you’re there)