Pinups Everywhere

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 31st, 2006

I’ve been seeing pinups popping up everywhere, from photos of wine club members on the labels of limited edition wines from De La Montanya Estate Vineyards and Winery at to the computer simulated rockabilly pinup girl profile and weblog of Honey Bender. Seems like what’s old is new again and I’m so excited to be part of the modern retro pinup revival!

finishing up pinup Kim Falcon’s painting

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 31st, 2006

I’ve been keeping a low profile on posting to my blog to complete my pinup painting of Kim Falcon (see sneak peak below). It has been such a pleasure working with Kim and photographer Lesley Slenning of Hot Rod Dolls on this one. Once again I have found these two talented women to be extremely cooperative and supportive - what more can an artist ask for? I’ll be finishing some final touches on the painting today and plan on updating my website gallery with this and two other painitngs later this week :)

sneak peak at Kim Falcon pinup

kudos to pin-up models Heidi and Sabina

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 20th, 2006

While taking a brief break from my painting of Kim Falcon - which I decided to do in reverse order from my normal approach - and it seems to be working! - thought I’d take this moment to give kudos to two of my favorite retro pinup models: Heidi Van Horne and Sabina Kelley. I don’t think they know this, but it was their “Pin-Up Playing Cards” project that helped solidify my decision to focus my artwork on retro pinups. I’d seen an ad for (with the adorable photo by Timothy Dolph) and was floored by how cute the models were and how dedicated they are to the retro pinup genre. I was hooked! Anyway, I knew it was only a matter of time before these gals took off big time and I’d like to congratulate them on their recent recognition and wish them continued success. Heidi mentions in her news that she is featured in the October 2006 issue of Playboy (on page 159) in a book review of Octavio Arizala’s “Modern Vixens: World of Winkytiki” - the reviewer commented that the right clothes can be sexier than none at all. Heidi doesn’t pose nude! Also featured in the review was a photo of Heidi with her dear friend and fellow pinup model Sabina. Sabina is featured in seven magazines on newsstands right now and did a feature photo shoot with Playboy herself this month (release date tbd). If you haven’t already, check out these strong willed, beautiful women. They inspire me and I think they will entertain and inspire you as well!

focused on painting pin-ups

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 18th, 2006

I’ve been flying a little under the electronic radar lately trying to focus on finishing two pinup paintings I’m currently working on. I’ve had a lot of requests to see more of my work and decided that eliminating the distraction of the wonderful on-line community of pin-up lovers (at least for a little while) would be my best bet in getting the job done! With any luck, I’ll be revealing two new paintings by next week - both based on images by two of the hottest retro pinup photographers around: Viva Van Story and Lesley Slenning of Hot Rod Dolls. Stay tuned if you can take the suspense and I’ll be back full bore with some intersting pin-ups in the news info and more news about upcoming paintings ;)

love my myspace pin-up art friends!

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 15th, 2006

I just managed to catch up on myspace e-mails and friend requests from over the weekend… I took a few days off from being in front of the computer screen - I think it zonks my energy. Anyway, I have to say I am so flattered by everyone who stops by my profile on myspace and takes the time to look at my artwork and send me an e-mail or friend request. It’s so great to meet such diverse people from all walks of life who have one thing in common - they all enjoy pin-up art! I like to think that pin-ups have a little something for everyone to enjoy ;) If you’re reading my blog but haven’t seen my myspace profile, go check it out! Among my friends there you’ll find some of the finest artists, musicians, models, photographers, retro lifestyle enthusiasts, hot rodders, bikers, and just a bunch of really interesting people from all over the world. I enjoy browsing the profiles of my myspace friends and think you will too!

Sabina Kelley pinup cover shot by Viva Van Story

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 4th, 2006

They make a great team! Two of my favorites from the retro pin-up scene, model Sabina Kelley (the inspiration for my latest painting, “My Angel is a Pin-Up Girl”) and photographer Viva Van Story have joined forces to put together an amazing photo for the cover of the latest issue of Varla magazine. For those of you not familiar, with a tagline like “Women and Music… What else could you want?”, Varla is a tribute to the retro pin-up scene and the sounds of music that surround it - in it’s vintage and nouveau forms.

Art Gallery-Worldwide Links to Susan Heidi Pin-Up Art!

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 2nd, 2006

Exciting news! Art Gallery-Worldwide, an online gallery of artists from around the world will be adding a link to in their Art Links section under illustration. I’m so exciting to have my pin-up art website included with so many talented artists from around the globe!

Progress! Drawing completed for Pin-Up of Kim

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 2nd, 2006

I completed the graphite drawing for my pin-up painting of Kim Falcon this morning. It makes me so happy to get past this step to the painting process! :) But first I’ll need to do yoga to work out the kinks in my arms and neck from such concentrated effort. That also gives me time to step away from the painting and check it over more objectively before sealing it and moving on to painting. Kim is such a beautiful pin-up model that this is all going so smoothly!
Susan's drawing of Kim Falcon

Detail of Drawing:

Detail of Susan's drawing of Kim