new painting “Semper Fi” marine pinup

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 26th, 2007

Just completed another pinup based on an image of retro pinup model Cherry Dollface (photographer Caitlin Gustin). Cherry has her own platoon of marines in Iraq that she corresponds with - what a great pinup tradition to carry on!

Semper Fi by Susan Heidi

releases: the legal side of pinup artistry

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 18th, 2007

In my quest to produce the ultimate pinup painting, I have been in contact with top pinup models and photographers to use their images as reference for my paintings. A lesson I learned early on is that good reference material produces better art. For those aspiring pinup artists out there, be wary of using any pinup photo you see on the internet, or in print. In accordance with U.S. Copyright laws, an artist MUST get a release from the photographer and/or model before using their image. You may have read that “substantialy changing” the image will keep you safe from copyright infringement, but that is not necessarily true. To be safe, ask for the release before you begin the work and you’ll be good to go.

sample model release

pinup artist perks - talking with Asia Devinyl

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 5th, 2007

I’m still reeling from my conversation with the beautiful and lovely Asia Devinyl today. We are planning a photo shoot for reference photos. I was put at ease before my phone call by Asia’s genuine nature that showed through during her interview on Blairing Out with Eric Blair Show. As a society we assume that someone who makes a living as a model may be unapproachable, but not Asia! She is such a warm and friendly person. I can’t wait to work on a painting of her.

“Hood Ornament” first pinup of 2007 by Susan Heidi

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 5th, 2007

The first painting of 2007 to be released is of retro pinup Texas Tara based on a photo by Gayla of 666 Photography. As I mentioned in an earlier post, both these gals and the artist behind Tara’s tattoos all hail from Texas. Sorta makes you want to visit the Lonestar State, doesn’t it?