artist Susan Heidi’s new YouTube channel

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 18th, 2009

I’m so excited to announce that I have set up a channel on YouTube, to corral all my favorite videos and make them easier to share. Viewers will be able to find interviews I’ve done, clips from past shows, and my favorite how to’s on everything from Pin-Up makeup and hair to art techniques. There are a few videos up already, and I’ll be adding more in the days to come.

NY Comic Con ‘09 aftermath from a pin-up artist’s perspective

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 11th, 2009

My retro style Pin-Up art was a big hit at the NY Comic Con! I was happy to meet so many people who are fans of the genre. It was a grueling 3 days - you can just imagine what it’s like for an artist who usually works alone in a studio to abruptly switch gears and spend 9+ hours a day talking non-stop. My voice was nearly gone by the end of the day Sunday. I had so much fun meeting everyone and really appreciate each and every compliment I received. There is nothing in the world like having something you’ve created admired by others. I have posted some pictures on myspace and there’s already a video interview I did posted on Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits. I did a few other interviews, which I’ll post links to as soon as they are live.

Susan Heidi NY Comic Con '09

To recap the weekend:

  • Comic Con’s are amazing places where everyone is having fun - it’s very contagious
  • having a booth on the way to the restrooms makes for great traffic
  • kudos to my two youngest fans - two little girls who know what they like
  • drinking lots of water saved me from losing my voice altogether
  • once again, I wasn’t able to get around to visit with other artists - many, many thanks to those who made their way over to say hello
  • at least as many women as men love pinups - thanks to all those guys who let their ladies browse!
  • Evil Ink Comics and Epic Proportions were the best booth neighbors I could ask for!
  • New Yorkers, costumed fans, and celebrities made for awesome people watching

I’ve already made arrangements to be back at NY Comic Con next year (October 8-10, 2010) once again in booth #1906 - hope to see you there :)

NEWS: Susan Heidi Pin-Up Art in booth #1906 @NY Comic Con

Posted by Susan Heidi - February 2nd, 2009

Some last minute changes have made it possible for me to have a booth at this year’s NY Comic Con. I’m excited to be able to display lots more work and hopefully interact with many more fans!

There is an interactive map on the NY Comic Con website to help attendees find their way around the exhibit hall. My booth is located just off the first main aisle. I’m happy to have neighbors like Epic Proportions, Evil Ink Comics, and Heavy Metal magazine (just around the corner).

I hope to see lots of you in NYC this weekend!