official sponsor of the Burlace Beauty Leg Show Review

Posted by Susan Heidi - March 12th, 2009

I love the revival that traditional burlesque is experiencing here in the U.S. and abroad. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Susan Heidi Pin-Up Art is an official sponsor for Acey Slade’s Burlace Beauty Leg Show review which will take place during his upcoming ten city UK tour this May. Acey decided to spice up the time between sets with a burlesque contest and has teamed up with The Ministry of Burlesque to make sure the performers know he’s serious. One lucky winner will receive an amazine prize pack that will include an original pinup portrait created by me.
So, if you’ll be in the UK this May, go on over to the show’s myspace page and enter the contest - and lots of luck!

eye candy and a note of nostalgia

Posted by Susan Heidi - March 6th, 2009

Glued to the sofa the other day with a fever and cough that wouldn’t quit, I caught the end of a movie on t.v. that touched my soul. Filmed in 1942, Orchestra Wives had all the trappings of old Hollywood movies filmed on set, and I loved it! The costuming was amazing….dressing gowns with feathers, fur, lace and sequins…lucy dresses worn with spectator pumps to the local sweet shoppe…gloves and hats worn by everyone…the stuff a girl’s dreams are made of…I couldn’t get enough.

Orchestra Wives

Starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford, the plot is a simplistic view of life on the road with an orchestra. At a time when our nation was in the midst of fighting a world war, I think that’s the kind of entertainment people wanted….Good Clean Fun, as my mother would say!