impressions of NY Comic Con 2010

Posted by Susan Heidi - October 12th, 2010

I had a great time meeting lots of pin-up fans this past weekend at the NY Comic Con. I appreciate all the wonderful comments from men and women alike - it’s that kind of feedback that really keeps me inspired! Perhaps the best comment of all came from a little girl on Sunday, who upon passing my booth and viewing my pinups commented simply, “Pretty!”. I loved that! In fact, female patrons outnumbered men about 2:1 and lots of them dragged their man along to view my work. I guess pinups are a hard sell when compared to the legendary Spider Man ;)
Now that the convention is over, I’ll be going back to work on some commissioned and spec pieces as well as posting more in-progress shots. First I need to get cleaned up around here - I caught an episode of “Hoarders” on tv last night that scared the begeebies out of me! Time to get organized!!!!