more painting progress…

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 15th, 2011

I worked on my portrait of Sabina Kelley some more yesterday in the studio with Paul McCormack and again today on my own. I took the painting outside today to photograph it in order to get a better picture to post. It’s a beautiful sunny day here. Bright light is the best for photographing paintings, otherwise you can go crazy trying to prevent shadows while achieving the best representation of color. The first photo below is the photo I took outside. You’ll see that there is a little piece of white paper taped to the easel just about the painting. That’s used to set a white point in photoshop which helps to correct for color shifts. This is a much better representation of the painting than the one I posted yesterday which was photographed in low light and got washed out when I tried to adjust the white level.

The next image is just the above photo cropped with a border added. You can see that during these two days I worked a lot on the details of the hair and also completed both her shoulders. There is still some refining to do, but I’m excited to get this piece completed.

pinup portrait nearly completed….

Posted by Susan Heidi - July 13th, 2011

I’ve continued with this oil painting of retro pinup model Sabina Kelley and am happy to say that it’s nearly completed. I’ve been learning a lot of new techniques throughout the process and can’t wait to get started on my next pinup in oils. Here’s the progress so far:

Portrait of a Pinup, Sabina Kelley